Trail Report Archive

Sat 1/10/16- AJD

Scouted the trails in advance of the heavy snow predicted in the next few days. Some base remained on about 80% of the non-motorized trail system. Rain and run-off has resulted in many wet and open areas on the other 20% of our trails. Forest roads generally are well drained and have a layer of ice on them which will quickly accept the new snow and be skiable.

The sled has returned from the spa and is ready for it’s next grooming adventure. Plugs, skags and drive belt have been replaced.

A new cover is has been purchased and we are ready to hit the trails.

Until there is sufficient coverage on the non-motorized trails and wet spots are frozen, there can be no grooming, as the sled and implements cannot be driven through mud and water. The icing lesson we learned last week is still fresh in our minds! We may schedule a snow shoe-snow shovel work party to cover the open spots, as well as pull some small sprouting vegetation on our new trails and put a pallet or two in a standing pool of water.

Grooming efforts this week will likely focus on packing the roads and tracking the shoulders where there is sufficient width.

Made 2 passes with packing implement on Lewis-Housington-Arab Hill loop. Also packed eastern end of Housington and inside Arab Hill gate down to 2nd clearing. No downed trees. Only about 7″ of new snow, less than expected. Use rock skis if you ski Tuesday. See M-Th snow forecast map below.

1/12/16- AJD
Planning to groom 1/13 in evening. Will give priority to XC only trails if they are sufficiently frozen, but a big pool of water on a key trail may need a bridging solution this weekend to be passable. Will try to post daily with updates. One thing’s for sure: there will be skiing in BHSF this weekend!

1/13/16- AJD
Our trails are covered with a 8-10″ of snow but the ground hasn’t frozen and wet spots presist. There are also several blown down trees and a large pool of standing water. We’re noodling solutions, so back country conditions persist until we can pack the trails.

Roads have been packed again tonight by Bill and me, as well as Sno Goer groomers. They are dry and ready for fun.

Sled continues to have a stalling problem that needs attention before going back out. Stay tuned!

1/16/16- AJD
Downed trees were removed from the trail yesterday… thank you Bill Schermann and Tina Nelson. The ground under the snow remains unfrozen and wet. Some standing water remains.

A snowmobile or two might be attempting to pack our trail system tomorrow, so don’t confront the operators as rule-breakers! One of the snowmobile operators will to be Theresa Laurie, our DEC Forrester and Cherry Creek Snow Goer member who has been invaluable to us.

Forest Roads remain covered and skiable in most locations. Snowmobile trails are still closed but you will be sure to encounter a few sleds. It is probably not advisable to use your “A” skis, as the base is still thin.

With a packed base and new snow next week, we’re hopeful we will be packing and tracking our trails. Thanks for your patience and support!

1/16/16- AJD
Skied forest roads. Good coverage with some water wicking up but good skiing, classic or slate. Better than going to the gym. Occasional pebble or stone.

1/16/16- AJD
Downed trees were removed from the trail yesterday… thank you Bill Schermann and Tina Nelson. The ground under the snow remains unfrozen and wet. Some standing water remains.

A snowmobile or two might be attempting to pack our trail system tomorrow, so don’t confront the operators as rule-breakers! One of the snowmobile operators will to be Theresa Laurie, our DEC Forrester and Cherry Creek Snow Goer member who has been invaluable to us.

Forest Roads remain covered and skiable in most locations. Snowmobile trails are still closed but you will be sure to encounter a few sleds. It is probably not advisable to use your “A” skis, as the base is still thin.

With a packed base and new snow next week, we’re hopeful we will be packing and tracking our trails. Thanks for your patience and support!

1/17/16- AJD
Great skiing on forest roads. Thin coverage at usual spot on first 300′ of Arab Hill at Lewis. Sleds have been on roads and turned up gravel only on Arab Hill south of Hoisington. No more water wicking up.

Our trails are starting to freeze. Planning to pack new snow Monday evening on some of our trails and shoulders of forest roads.

We’ve gotten lots of good advice to address sked stalling issue and implemented one fix; if stalling continues, we have a couple more fixes to try.

1/18/16- AJD
Famine to feast… rags to riches. We braved the elements and trailed the sled to BH only to be vexed by too much snow. There is about 15-18″ of new snow. We attempted to pack using only the sled without success. The good news is that most of the wet spots are buried.

1/20/16- AJD
Bill Schermann & Clyde Rogers to the rescue!

The owner of the Cherry Creek farm & sled dealership brought his Kioti ATV to the rescue and packed 75% of our trail system this AM… FOR FREE! Doug Bargar and I packed the other 25% with the sled this afternoon. THANK YOU CLYDE ROGERS! THANK YOU (AGAIN), BILL SCHERMANN, FOR OVERCOMING ANOTHER INSURMOUNTABLE OBSTICLE.

Some wet spots remain around trail system that can be sidestepped but which still prevent a grooming implement from being used. Packing has already accelerated freezing but another blast of snow is needed to get trails into top shape. Trails remain a bit chunky, but very good for touring- no set tracks yet. More packing and grooming may have the trails is good shape for the weekend.

1/23/16- AJD<
Packed all trails today except snowmobile connector trail the goes east out of Rurrenbur lot. Joe Bender shoveled snow onto wet spots. Trails are in very good shape including the stretch of the Overland Trail. Most wet spots are now packed and hardening. Base is not firm but will improve with each groom.

Also attempted setting classic tracks on most trails. Tracks are soft and low grade. Track quality will greatly improve as base hardens

1/23/16 – Doug Bargar
Well, I went to the Ruttenbur parking lot today and ran into Andy and Joe Bender just finishing up grooming. Wanted to skate today so I put on my skis and headed up toward the Arab Gate area by way of Lewis Rd. Snowmobiles go on that road so, as it turns out it was not ideal as snowmobiles generally stir up a little gravel that can mess with your skis. Turned left onto Arab Hill Forest Rd. which took me to our trailhead where snowmobiles have not been going. Frankly, I was a little dumbstruck. The trails had been groomed very nicely, in some places 8′ wide and I started to cruise on my skate skis. Then I noticed they had put in classical tracks on both sides of some of the trails, and they looked pretty nice. On a good many of the upper trails, it was groomed as well as many areas I have skied elsewhere where I pay sometimes $20. for a trail pass. It was packed down enough that I wasn’t really even sinking down as I skied. This idea that started out as kind of a pipe dream has now become a reality! Congratulations to all those who made it happen, especially Andy Dickson. Well done!! Postscript: If you go to the Ruttenbur parking lot to start(recommended), then I would advise you head up the trail that is kind of in the middle from the lot, which I believe is part of the Overland Trail. You’ll need to go up that roughly 250 yards, but I think you’ll find it’s worth the trip.

John Susan Hertlein
January 24, 2016 at 10:32 pm

I went out today for about 2 hrs Great day . I ran into about about 10 others. All said this was great. ONLY 2 of them knew about the club or who did the grooming. I spent more time taking pictures than skiing. Just a beautiful day. Still needs more snow. Thanks for all your hard work. Tell all your friends.

Brad Schottin
January 25, 2016 at 7:46 pm

First time at Boutwell Hill since the Fall meeting. Skied all the cross country only trails and part of Arab Hill & Lewis. Very Nice, a few frozen areas but as of 1pm the temp was not above freezing so limited loss of base today. Hopefully the warmup is brief and with a little more snow the trails should remain in decent shape for a year like this. Thanks to Andy and all the people that helped out.

Cindy Flaherty
January 25, 2016 at 8:25 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Had a wonderful ski this weekend!

Michael Matthews
January 27, 2016 at 5:14 pm

We skied Sunday the 25th all trails and had a great time. The tracks were excellent and the snow was fast. Thank you Andy Dickson!

January 29, 2016 at 3:36 pm

Skied 3 miles last night in the dark. First time skiing the trails and was very pleased even though I skied with my backup dim headlamp. There were still a few wet spots, but not enough to hinder skiing. Nice job on the trails and keep up the good work.

1/24/16- AJD
Conditions were very good today and enjoyed by a dozen people besides myself while I was there 9-12.

All wet spots where snow was shoveled yesterday have succussfuly frozen. However, these icy spots are dangerous.

Good spring conditions should await anyone venturing out tomorrow.

A warm spell is approaching. It appears right now all grooming is discontinued until cold temperatures and snow return.

I recommend using the Ruttenbur parking area and skiing up the Overland Trail to the access the other trails. OT does not have set tracks but all other trails do except the north trail between our trails and the snowmobile trail where back country conditions exist. A large frozen mud patch is reported on the snowmobile portion.

1/28/16- AJD
Snow is expected today, tonight and tomorrow. About 2″ of new snow was reported yesterday. Trails withstood thaw and trouble spots remain frozen. We will be grooming tonight or tomorrow. Snowmobile trails are closed. There should be good conditions this weekend- keep your fingers crossed!

1/29/16- AJD
Planning to pack and track this afternoon.

1/29/16- AJD
Bill and I packed and groomed all trails. No set tracks for classic but coduroy is great. 10″ new snow. A couple wet spots shoveled and packed and are gone. Trails are in great shape and should hold thru Sunday. Sno Goers will be packing snowmobile trails tonight. ENJOY!

1/30/16- AJD
Great conditions today enjoyed by many:

2/5/16- AJD
Skied at dawn on skate skis. 2-3″ new dense snow. Housington and wooded portion of Lewis excellent. Other roads have portions with thin base and B skis recommended.

Skied our inner red loop, many washouts but still fine for touring.

Must be a fox convention going on at BHSF- saw 4.

2/10/16- AJD
Planning to pack trails tomorrow (Thurs) late afternoon. Volunteers able to ski or snowshoe with a shovel and pack wet spots would be appreciated- 4pm in Ruttenbur Parking lot. More snow is forecast for Friday night but extremely cold temps might jeopardize additional packing and tracking until Sunday. Still another system as big as the one we’re in right now is forecast for early next week! If we can pack all this snow and freeze the wet spots, we will have a great base established.

2/12/16- AJD
Trails have been packed. Some wet spots may remain and a few more bumps exist from the last melt and run-off. No classic tracks were set. There appears to be sufficient coverage on entire 3.4 miles for touring and skating subject to bumps and wet spots. Tentatively planning to pack and set track again Sunday.


2/14/16- AJD
Planning to pack and track late morning today.

Update: Entire system packed. Connector from snowmobile trail to Red loop only packed with one snowmobile pass. Snowmobile trail torn up by sleds in several places. The few remaining wet spots have iced and require precaution. OT, Red Loop, Service Road and East trail all packed and groomed. Classic tracks set only on Red Loop and Service Road.

Recommend taking Overland Trail from Ruttenbur. OT is uneven, no set tracks and a couple icy spots but very skiable. Red Loop, Service Rd and East Trail all well groomed and very skateable.

2/16/16- AJD
Planning to pack, groom, maybe even track tomorrow PM (Wed).

2/17/16- AJD
About 12″ of snow awaited us tonight. Packed and groomed Red Loop,East Trail,Overland Trail and Service Rd. No classic tracks were set. Connector between snowmobile trail and Red Loop only packed with one snowmobile pass.

Ruttenbur parking lot is a disaster. County hasn’t plowed it in a timely fashion yet this year. Will make a call to address problem tomorrow.

3/3/16- AJD
Rolled all of Lewis, Housington and Arab Hill Rds. and service road that connects our trails; used “new” roller, worked great and so did sled. About 6″ average coverage, less on open stretches. Some spots with no base. Recommend accessing at Cook or Housington, not Ruttenbur- open sections of Lewis and northwest portion of Arab Hill might scratch your skis. All Arab Hill gates are closed to prevent truck access, so most of it is in good shape. Most of Housington is great except eastern 1/4 mile where a truck rutted and got stuck. No set classic tracks anywhere- 4 hours just to roll/pack.

Not sure about condition of our trails but expect there to be base in most places with some washouts and wet spots- should be okay for back country touring.

Snowmobile trails are closed; we’ve got the roads to ourselves. Get out this weekend before tropical temps and rain end the season!

3/5/16- AJD
Forest Roads are excellent. 300′ of Arab Hill closest to Cook must be walked. Otherwise, let the pictures do the talking…


1/7/17- Mike
I submitted a request to Apple Maps to have “Boutwell Hill Cross Country Ski Area” added as a searchable location for driving directions. The pin is located at the parking area near the intersection of Ruttenbur Rd & Lewis Rd. I’ll post an update if I’m informed it’s been added.

1/7/17- Fred and Teresa Bretl
1/6/17-TB… 6″-8″ of new snow. Parking lot in need of plowing. OT trail had many wet areas. Snow shoeing and skiing
late afternoon on OT only.

1/27/17- AJD
Tentatively planning to roll and set classic tracks on Lewis, Housington, and Arab Hill roads tomorrow AM.

1/28/17- AJD
15″ new snow when I arrived @9. Packed and tracked Lewis, Housington, and Arab Hill roads hoping to preserve base. Lewis blew in faster than I could pack. Housington and Arab Hill tracks were about 80% in tack at end of day; snowmobiles chewed up the other 20%. Snowmobile groomers and additional snow tonight may doom the remainder of tracks, tho Housington tracks might be missed by groomers.

Had a great ski in the afternoon. It appears only 2-4 sleds were on the BHSF roads today, so traffic was low. Snowmobile trails remain closed but state forest roads are open to sleds. If snowmobile groomers make a pass on roads tonight, it might be good skate conditions tomorrow.

1/29/17- AJD
Have been advised snowmobile trails are open. Use caution.
Update: Roads have 7″ new snow on top of snowmobile groomer packed base. Lots of sleds.


1/29/17-J Jordan
Non-motor-ized trails have been packed by snowshoes. Thanks. Wet spots starting to freeze in. Nice day and the snow is still coming down.

2/3/17- Chris and Rebecca
We skied the Overland Trail from Ruttenbur and there were strictly cross country tracks set down and the trail was packed well by others. A few wet spots but you can get around them. Skied to the discovery loop where it was again packed down nicely. Probably about 5 wet spots on the loop but easy to get around them. There were ski tracks that went to the blue connector trail but we continued around the discovery loop where we had to blaze the trail. Returned down the Overland to Ruttenbur. Conditions were excellent!

2/5/17- AJD
All trails have been rolled except the Overland Trail. 3′ of new snow proved too much for our sled on Friday, so Clyde Rogers packed the trails (again) on Saturday. Sorry, no classic tracks have been set.

2/7/17- Paul Corrigan
Skate-skied the snowmobile trails today (Feb. 7, 2017) off Ruttenbur road and had the trails to myself. A sneaking suspicion the rain had something to do with it! Lots of cover on the trails. I’m visiting the Buffalo area from the state of Maine and staying in East Amherst for the winter. Will be doing some ski instructing at Byrncliff in the upcoming weeks. So nice to know there are high places like Boutwell Hill that have the potential to get a lot of snow!

2/7/17-Ed Gray
Yesterday (Feb 6) was my first time xc-skiing the Boutwell trail system. We hail from the Erie area. My wife and I joined three other newbies and had a blast! We did all the loops plus a little out-and-back on the Overland trail. Set tracks would’ve been the icing on the cake but I’m not complaining; we were prepared with wide boards! Thanks to all who put the effort into maintaining the trails. Keep me in the loop on future trail work days, please.

2/10/17pm- AJD
Bill reports that our trails have an icy base covered by 4″ of snow. Wet spots persist but are easily avoidable. The touring crowd might find the trip worthwhile. Probably classic skis with metal edges and sharp poles are in order.

No report for the forest roads. Snowmobile trails are closed so snowmobile traffic, if any, will probably be light. I expect there is base on the roads and they drain much better than our trails, so the base may not be as icy and they might work for classic or skate. There will be thin spots including near Cook Rd, so don’t use your “A” skis.

3/14/17pm- AJD
Attempted to pack Arab Hill Rd but snow was too deep and sled didn’t run well (fouled plugs). Won’t be able to try again for several days. Back country conditions on roads and trails.

Update: Snowmobile trails are opening. Use caution!

3/17/2017- Marty Sandin Brief, great ski starting 10:30 a.m. (Should have started by 9 a.m.) My car parked alone in Ruttenbur lot. Overland trail lay dormant. Therefore I skied the right-most snowmobile trail parallel to Ruttenbur eastward though to overlooking the blue silo near Town’s Corner. Two snowmobiles had preceded me, packing cold, powdery snow. However by 11:10 the snow had begun to soften, causing minor sticking. After 1 Hr 10 Min, I departed rather than put on my snow shoes.


12/8/17 AD- 10″ reported on BH. We’ll likely wait until next lake effect event predicted 12/11-12/13 for our first appearance with equipment. This may allow the ground more time to freeze. First and maybe second groom(s) will likely focus on packing base. Then we will try for leveling and tracksetting.

Please report conditions in the interim!

12/12/17 AD- Sled returned from the spa today. We need an additional day to make minor fixes. Thursday PM might be the first groom? First and maybe second groom(s) will likely focus on packing base. Then we will try for leveling and tracksetting.

Some wet spots and a small downed tree are reported.

12/16/17 AD-OT, Discovery and Sunrise have snowmobile tracks only. Homestead is buried. There is 3’+ of snow on top of wet ground. Warm temps and rain forecast for next week. Stay tuned.

12/27/17 AD- Nearly 4′ of snow has fallen on BH in the last 3 days. Another large LE snow event is predicted 12/30-1/1. The ground is wet and well insulated underneath the snow blanket. At the present time back country conditions exist on the trail system and grooming is a few days away.

Forest roads are being packed by the Snowmobile Club and are the best bet right now.

12/29/17 AD-
There will be 15″ of additional snow in the next 36 hours. Hope to have the trails opened up by Sunday with packing and tracking to follow.

12/30/17 AD-
Considerable new snow in the last 24 hrs. There is more on the way 1/1-1/2. At present there’s too much snow on our trails even for Clyde Roger’s tracked 4WD ATV, so no grooming is likely in the next two days. Deep, back-country conditions persist until the LE snow machine takes a hiatus. Lake Erie is icing up relatively fast; at present temps it could freeze in a week.

DEC forest roads are packed by the Sno-Goers and are skiable, multi-use… wear bright colors and guard against frost-bite/windchill.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.18.30 PM

1/1/18 AD-
7 Showshoers packed OT and Discovery. Sled followed with 3 passes on Discovery and 2 on OT. Wet spots and some deeps pockets can be avoided on both trails. SLED PACKING ONLY. Considerable additional packing and leveling will be our goal, as well as packing/tracking Sunrise and Homestead. Snowshoers are needed on Discovery and Homestead.
L>R: Dave Menzies, Cilla Menzies, Rebecca VanKeuren, Sue Turnquist, Chris Rammacher. Missing- photographer Jennifer Schlick and Gene from Silver Creek!

1/6/18 AD-
6″ of new snow awaited us at trailhead today at 10AM. We tracked all trails by ATV for the second day but no finished grooming, leveling or tracksetting was done. Trails are firm with packed powder surface. There are no wet spots but there are bumps and dips from water run offs; some on hills will be dangerous if encountered at speed. Overland Trail is heavily drifted and uneven where our snow fence had little effect.

The good news is trails are all open and will be enjoyable to the touring/wine-cheese crowd. The bad news is considerable additional grooming is needed before good skate and track skiing is possible. Warming temperatures will this week and next will prevent additional grooming in the near term.

1/13/18 AD-

Skier reports are needed. Please post!

After we access condition of the trails, run_off and remaining base we will decide about grooming.

Following last week’s ATV work, the majority of the trail system was reported to be in excellent condition except for the Overland Trail.

8-14 day outlook is for warm temperatures. We’re on a weather rollercoaster again this season…

January 15, 2018 at 11:09 pm- Ed Gray

From Ruttenbur, I skied the Boutwell system (Homestead twice – once each direction) plus Overland as far as Housington. From Ruttenbur the overland and Discovery loop were heavily tracked in. Beyond that, fewer skiers and nicer track. Homestead very nice. Sunrise and Overland to Housington presented virgin powder for yours truly and it was very nice! Little valley with the switchbacks in and out had the best snow on the trail. The bridge crossing is kind of fragile. It’s a spine of old snow with powder on top that you have to inch across without poles to maintain its integrity. Lots of branches down, especially on overland; did my share of trail work. What a blast! Got some decent pictures to share if that’s possible.

January 17, 2018 at 11:39 pm- Ed Gray

Skied the Overland from Ruttenbur to Boutwell and back, plus a loop of Homestead squeezed in. Heaven. Again…pictures to share but I don’t see how.

1/27/18 AD-

Conditions on forest roads were very good today with 100% coverage. There’s plenty of firm base and about 1″ wet snow on top. There was enough base today to use “A” skis.

Conditions may be good on Sunday, if too much rain doesn’t fall late today. Temperatures will drop below freezing overnight and the transformed snow will likely harden considerably.

Early conditions on Sunday will likely hard and fast be best suited for advanced skiers, either skate and classic. As temperatures warm above freezing by noon, touring skiers may have a great day. The Homestead Loop was bouncy but firm today, with avoidable bare or wet spots. No report for Sunrise or Discovery. Overland Trail has got to be ugly- consider using Lewis Rd south from Ruttenbur parking area to access forest roads or enter from Housington or East Roads.

Glade skiing off the Homestead Loop was good today and will probably be good tomorrow… so who needs trails?!

Get out and enjoy BHSF!

2/2/18 AD-

Packed and leveled OT, Dicsovery, Sunrise and connector. Only one pass on OT and it remains uneven with 3-4 avoidable wetspots. Discovery has an avoidable 50′ wet stretch and another small one. Sunrise has one 30′ avoidable patch, as well as another small one.

No grooming on Homestead due to downed tree.

Did not set tracks; 6-8′ groomed width. Trails could use more passes with the leveling drag but time ran out.

Only a fraction of the groomed trails are problemmatic; the rest has firm base and renovated surface that should harden enough overnight. Snowshoes and fat bikes welcome!

Did not get a look at forest roads but there has been no grooming by the snowmobile club. Skied the roads Wed and there was 8″ of dense snow on top of the hard, level base.

Heavy snow forecast for 2/6 – 2/7.

2/3/18 AD-

Today at noon there was 3″ heavy, new snow. Forest roads were groomed by SnoGoers yesterday for tomorrow’s opening for sleds. Skated roads, did not ski BHSC trails.

Homestead still ungroomed with one avoidable downed tree and other tree branches.

Skier report today gives insight into BHSC trail conditions.

No grooming planned before next blast 2/6-2/7. Approx 7″ has fallen on trails over last 2 days since last groom. Skier tracks only.

2/3/18 AD-

Tentatively planning to set classic tracks on forest roads at 10:30AM.

UPDATE: Tracks set. 6″ new snow since yesterday’s groom. Looks like winter on BH.

February 4, 2018 at 6:19 pm- Michelle Beitko

Boutwell trail accessed from the equestrian parking lot…..amazing find today! I enjoyed the groomed trails…..complete covereage on the trails, snow stuck a little to the skiis because of the warmer temperatures but still worth it. Thank you for grooming😊

February 9, 2018 at 9:05 pm- jeff

Skied E Overland and Discovery Loop on Thurs. 2/8/18. 6’+ of fresh snow. E Overland broken by snowshoe tracks. Great backcountry skiiing. No wet spots or ice

2/13/18 AD-

Good coverage remains on BHSC trails with some avoidable wet spots. No report for roads, but snowmobile trails are closed.

A significant warm spell is predicted in the 6-14 day range. No grooming is planned.

3/2/18 AD-

Approximately 18″ of snow. Rolled 4 miles of forest road- see map below. Rolled width about 6+’ and no set tracks; probably not wide enough to skate but classic skier tracks will set up nicely. Two wet spots on Lewis between Ruttenbur and Cook may not freeze over night, so miss them. Otherwise dry all around the loop and on Housington. Snowmobile trails should be closed for the weekend.

Back country skiing will be very wet underneath, and as well on our un-groomed xc trails.

Thanks Joe Bender and Jason Jordan for help braking trail.

We hit a milestone tonight: we are most of the way through this season and we have yet to be rescued!

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.10.53 PM

3/3/18 AD-

Please provide debris and down tree info in trail reports.

3/3/18 AD-

Widened, packed and tracked same roads as yesterday. Lewis between Ruttenbur and Cook is sketcky but the loop is great. There’s also now room to skate. Set ok classic tracks, tracksetter needs tuning.


Lewis Rd looking north toward Cook Rd before trackset

March 4, 2018 at 8:05 pm- Theresa Draves

Great skiing in the morning, got sticky about 1ish. Did some back country on the overland and homestead loop, which was work but it’s settled some so you only sink about 5 inches. Nice powder. Then came back on the rolled and tracked area on the roads. Was nice skiing. A snowmobile went down the middle though, but still enough room to ski on the side where it’s still packed. Beautiful ski! Did 3.5 miles.

March 5, 2018 at 1:04 am- Marty Sanden

Much appreciate grooming on Friday and Saturday. Today, Sunday 3:00, skied Lewis and Housington Roads. 24F, blue sky, great snow. Saw no humans, but scolded by a raven and saw a bald eagle circling a field. Great being out.

March 8, 2018 at 2:28 pm- Ed Gray

Anybody have an update for Boutwell trails? Things are looking pretty good here in NW PA.

March 10, 2018 at 2:30 am- Thomas Janik

3/9/18. As of 5 pm approx. 10+ in. new snow. Lewis groomed, but extensive drifting in exposed areas.

3/16/18 AD-

Please post trail reports including location of downed trees. Significant amounts of new snow has fallen in last few days. Enjoy back country conditions!

March 18, 2018 at 6:42 pm- Scott

Skied from Ruttenbur to Discover Loop and down Sunrise and back up. Breaking trail in deep snow on Discovery and Sunrise. Not too many down trees. 18-24″ of snow on the ground.

4/8/18 AD-

There’ still snow on BH!

Arab Hill Rd

Homestead Loop


January 9, 2019- AD
Help is needed picking sticks on all trails, especially Homestead before the weekend. Back country skiers and snowshoers heading out for first tracks- please lend a hand! Bring some pruning shears for blackberries. We are tentatively planning to begin packing base on Sunday. Cross your fingers for some sustained cold weather and snow!

January 8, 2019- AD
First lake event of 2019 is predicted to bring up to 2′ by Thursday! Trails are expected to be very wet during and after the snowfall, with nearly 2″ of rain falling this afternoon. Sled storage arrangements have not been finalized and the flu has hit Bill’s household! It may be a few days before equipment can be grooming the trails. Back country ski reports are needed. Watch here and FB for updates.

Jan 26, 2019- AD

All trails packed and tracked. Base held up thru rain but trails need leveling. WE ARE STILL HANDICAPPED WITHOUT SLED STAGING AREA NEAR TRAILS. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ARRANGE A LOCATION WILL BE WIN A FREE SEASON PASS. Leveling drag may be brought to the trails before Tues dump.

Jan 25, 2019- AD
About 8″ new snow on top of hard base at trailhead today at 4pm. Goal is to pack and track Sat by noon. Might be very good trail conditions tomorrow afternoon!


Jan 22, 2019- AD
Packed base today ahead of tomorrow’s rain: 2 machines, 4 volunteers. 2 passes with each groomer on each trail. Great base, NO WET SPOTS (even on OT!), no set tracks. A little too squishy for skate? Base should withstand the rain and recover.

Jan 18, 2019- AD
Expect to groom on Tues following storm. Use caution if skiing Sun or Mon in extreme cold.

January 15, 2019- AD
Lots of snow on the way. Next groom undecided. Sled storage on BH is not finalized and trailering requires additional time and work, but in the next few days we’ll be out.

January 13, 2019- AD
Base is packed on all trails. All trails had 3 passes, 2 with Jason Jordan’s ATV and drag, and 3rd pass with sled and roller. Most of the worst wet spots are frozen over and covered, but a few remain. 99.9 % of trail is frozen and packed. Cold weather is forecast for the next 2-3 weeks. No tracks set, maybe before the weekend.

A large tree is down on Sunrise and will be removed on the next week.


Feb 18, 2019
Excellent base remains. 6″ new. Great touring. One wet spot on OT, Discovery dry. May try to roll and level in next 24 hours.


All trails rolled, a couple wet spots remain but good base overall. Trails are bumpy due to thaws. Leveling is needed but timing uncertain.

Feb 19, 2019
Trails much improved today with leveling/renovating implement. Still more renovating needed but ran out of time.

Feb 20, 2019
Good coverage on Arab Hill and Housington, as well as xc trails.

Mar 1, 2019
Trails packed 2/26. Additional 8″ may get packed today. No set tracks. Good base around trail system, albeit undulating in places.

Mar 8, 2019
Bill’s grooming report from this afternoon:

I packed Overland 3X, Discovery 2 1/2X and Homestead 1/2 X. Had a difficult time on Homestead as the snow was heavy and 8″ deep. Got stuck bad one time, trouble getting sled to start etc. Was glad to get out of there. So I didn’t use the roller and didn’t pack Sunrise otherwise the sled is back at the barn. Met Ed Gray from Erie on trail. Has been on Boutwell 3 or 4 X recently. Said “thanks for what we do.”

Mar 7, 2020- AJD
Great xc on BH roads!

Trails not so good for xc but snowshoeing and fat bike will work great.

Feb l2,2020- AJD
Still waiting on repair estimate for sled. Apologies for the delay.

Feb 9, 2020- AJD
Thank you Jordan Forest Product Services and Jason Jordan for returning to the trails today to groom Homestead with same result as yesterday’s pics below. Here’s his report:

Homestead is done. Tree down close to where the loop comes together. To the right. A chainsaw will be needed. I was able to get around, but the snowmobile will not.

Feb 8, 2020- AJD
Initial grooming attempt early today damaged sled. Jason Jordan to the rescue! He made passes on OT, Discovery and Sunrise. Homestead may follow tomorrow.



Jan 29, 2020- AJD
Packed all trails with sled and implement in video below. Overland Trail from Ruttenbur has many wet spots that can be avoided. All other trails have a few avoidable wet spots. Dogs will love the trails!

No set tracks. Good touring conditions. Warming spell for next 7 days means no more grooming until next snow. Maybe February will give us a long cold spell?

Jan 26, 2020- AJD
A little snow today, more tonight and tomorrow. Sled is ready. We may pack/track tomorrow evening. Looks like we my have a week of mild winter weather to enjoy the trails.

Jan 20, 2020- AJD
Additional packing did not take place today- sled needs new battery. Unlikely additional trial work will take place before warm spell later this week.

Jan 19, 2020- AJD

Packed all trails today. More packing tomorrow. No set tracks yet but 10″ base after packing. Maybe 3 wet spots system wide. Well worth a ski NOW. Hopefully base will last through the warm-up coming next weekend. Cherry Creek Sno-Goers were grooming their trials and forest roads. Lots of turkeys flying between tree tops on Homestead.

Today’s grooming

Jan 12, 2020- AJD
Scouted OT and Discovery today for blow downs (none). Don’t know about Homestead or Sunrise. Drained wet spots, diverted running water off both trails and adjusted some old corduroy.

Small waterbar on Discovery will dry trail before next snow.

Trails are wet but did not get as much rain as forecast. 6 – 30 day temperature forecast is cold. Trails will have a several days to drain. High winds will help chill the ground but might bring down some trees. When the snow arrives again in a few days we may be able to set a decent base and freeze wet spots. Then tracks.

December 21, 2019- AJD
Moving equipment to the hill today. Hope to circuit the whole trail system to clear downed trees and pack base.

Update: Rolled Ov Trail and Discovery. Sled packed 2X on Sunrise and Homestead, removed 3 trees. Lots of wet spots, most can be missed, not pretty but lots of great skiing.

Predicted warm up doesn’t include rain, base might survive thaw.