Trail Reports

Skier comments below, as well as place for your report- please post. Please include new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers.

2/13/18 AD-

Good coverage remains on BHSC trails with some avoidable wet spots. No report for roads, but snowmobile trails are closed.

A significant warm spell is predicted in the 6-14 day range. No grooming is planned.

2/3/18 AD-

Today at noon there was 3″ heavy, new snow. Forest roads were groomed by SnoGoers yesterday for tomorrow’s opening for sleds. Skated roads, did not ski BHSC trails.

Homestead still ungroomed with one avoidable downed tree and other tree branches.

Skier report today gives insight into BHSC trail conditions.

No grooming planned before next blast 2/6-2/7. Approx 7″ has fallen on trails over last 2 days since last groom. Skier tracks only.

2/3/18 AD-

Tentatively planning to set classic tracks on forest roads at 10:30AM.

UPDATE: Tracks set. 6″ new snow since yesterday’s groom. Looks like winter on BH.

2/2/18 AD-

Packed and leveled OT, Dicsovery, Sunrise and connector. Only one pass on OT and it remains uneven with 3-4 avoidable wetspots. Discovery has an avoidable 50′ wet stretch and another small one. Sunrise has one 30′ avoidable patch, as well as another small one.

No grooming on Homestead due to downed tree.

Did not set tracks; 6-8′ groomed width. Trails could use more passes with the leveling drag but time ran out.

Only a fraction of the groomed trails are problemmatic; the rest has firm base and renovated surface that should harden enough overnight. Snowshoes and fat bikes welcome!

Did not get a look at forest roads but there has been no grooming by the snowmobile club. Skied the roads Wed and there was 8″ of dense snow on top of the hard, level base.

Heavy snow forecast for 2/6 – 2/7.

1/27/18 AD-

Conditions on forest roads were very good today with 100% coverage. There’s plenty of firm base and about 1″ wet snow on top. There was enough base today to use “A” skis.

Conditions may be good on Sunday, if too much rain doesn’t fall late today. Temperatures will drop below freezing overnight and the transformed snow will likely harden considerably.

Early conditions on Sunday will likely hard and fast be best suited for advanced skiers, either skate and classic. As temperatures warm above freezing by noon, touring skiers may have a great day. The Homestead Loop was bouncy but firm today, with avoidable bare or wet spots. No report for Sunrise or Discovery. Overland Trail has got to be ugly- consider using Lewis Rd south from Ruttenbur parking area to access forest roads or enter from Housington or East Roads.

Glade skiing off the Homestead Loop was good today and will probably be good tomorrow… so who needs trails?!

Get out and enjoy BHSF!

1/13/18 AD-
Skier reports are needed. Please post!

After we access condition of the trails, run_off and remaining base we will decide about grooming.

Following last week’s ATV work, the majority of the trail system was reported to be in excellent condition except for the Overland Trail.

8-14 day outlook is for warm temperatures. We’re on a weather rollercoaster again this season…


8 thoughts on “Trail Reports

  1. jeff

    Skied E Overland and Discovery Loop on Thurs. 2/8/18. 6’+ of fresh snow. E Overland broken by snowshoe tracks. Great backcountry skiiing. No wet spots or ice


  2. Michelle Beitko

    Boutwell trail accessed from the equestrian parking lot…..amazing find today! I enjoyed the groomed trails…..complete covereage on the trails, snow stuck a little to the skiis because of the warmer temperatures but still worth it. Thank you for grooming😊


  3. Ed Gray

    Skied the Overland from Ruttenbur to Boutwell and back, plus a loop of Homestead squeezed in. Heaven. Again…pictures to share but I don’t see how.


  4. Ed Gray

    I forgot to mention that there were some wet spots, mainly closer to Ruttenbur, but nothing that wasn’t easy to get around.


  5. Ed Gray

    From Ruttenbur, I skied the Boutwell system (Homestead twice – once each direction) plus Overland as far as Housington. From Ruttenbur the overland and Discovery loop were heavily tracked in. Beyond that, fewer skiers and nicer track. Homestead very nice. Sunrise and Overland to Housington presented virgin powder for yours truly and it was very nice! Little valley with the switchbacks in and out had the best snow on the trail. The bridge crossing is kind of fragile. It’s a spine of old snow with powder on top that you have to inch across without poles to maintain its integrity. Lots of branches down, especially on overland; did my share of trail work. What a blast! Got some decent pictures to share if that’s possible.


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