Trail Reports

Grooming reports and skier comments below. Please include new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers.

4/8/18 AD-

There’ still snow on BH!

Arab Hill Rd

Homestead Loop

3/16/18 AD-

Please post trail reports including location of downed trees. Significant amounts of new snow has fallen in last few days. Enjoy back country conditions!

3/3/18 AD-

Please provide debris and down tree info in trail reports.

3/3/18 AD-

Grooming plans for XC trails remain uncertain at this time. Homestead Trail has downed trees and debris with potentially more since the big winds a few days ago and our chainsaw operator is recovering from a shoulder injury. Roads will likely be groomed and open to sleds with rest of Cherry Creek network.

3/3/18 AD-

Widened, packed and tracked same roads as yesterday. Lewis between Ruttenbur and Cook is sketcky but the loop is great. There’s also now room to skate. Set ok classic tracks, tracksetter needs tuning.


Lewis Rd looking north toward Cook Rd before trackset

3/2/18 AD-

Approximately 18″ of snow. Rolled 4 miles of forest road- see map below. Rolled width about 6+’ and no set tracks; probably not wide enough to skate but classic skier tracks will set up nicely. Two wet spots on Lewis between Ruttenbur and Cook may not freeze over night, so miss them. Otherwise dry all around the loop and on Housington. Snowmobile trails should be closed for the weekend.

Back country skiing will be very wet underneath, and as well on our un-groomed xc trails.

Thanks Joe Bender and Jason Jordan for help braking trail.

We hit a milestone tonight: we are most of the way through this season and we have yet to be rescued!

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.10.53 PM

2/13/18 AD-

Good coverage remains on BHSC trails with some avoidable wet spots. No report for roads, but snowmobile trails are closed.

A significant warm spell is predicted in the 6-14 day range. No grooming is planned.


13 thoughts on “Trail Reports

  1. Scott

    Skied from Ruttenbur to Discover Loop and down Sunrise and back up. Breaking trail in deep snow on Discovery and Sunrise. Not too many down trees. 18-24″ of snow on the ground.


  2. Marty Sanden

    Much appreciate grooming on Friday and Saturday. Today, Sunday 3:00, skied Lewis and Housington Roads. 24F, blue sky, great snow. Saw no humans, but scolded by a raven and saw a bald eagle circling a field. Great being out.


  3. Theresa Draves

    Great skiing in the morning, got sticky about 1ish. Did some back country on the overland and homestead loop, which was work but it’s settled some so you only sink about 5 inches. Nice powder. Then came back on the rolled and tracked area on the roads. Was nice skiing. A snowmobile went down the middle though, but still enough room to ski on the side where it’s still packed. Beautiful ski! Did 3.5 miles.


  4. jeff

    Skied E Overland and Discovery Loop on Thurs. 2/8/18. 6’+ of fresh snow. E Overland broken by snowshoe tracks. Great backcountry skiiing. No wet spots or ice


  5. Michelle Beitko

    Boutwell trail accessed from the equestrian parking lot…..amazing find today! I enjoyed the groomed trails…..complete covereage on the trails, snow stuck a little to the skiis because of the warmer temperatures but still worth it. Thank you for grooming😊


  6. Ed Gray

    Skied the Overland from Ruttenbur to Boutwell and back, plus a loop of Homestead squeezed in. Heaven. Again…pictures to share but I don’t see how.


  7. Ed Gray

    I forgot to mention that there were some wet spots, mainly closer to Ruttenbur, but nothing that wasn’t easy to get around.


  8. Ed Gray

    From Ruttenbur, I skied the Boutwell system (Homestead twice – once each direction) plus Overland as far as Housington. From Ruttenbur the overland and Discovery loop were heavily tracked in. Beyond that, fewer skiers and nicer track. Homestead very nice. Sunrise and Overland to Housington presented virgin powder for yours truly and it was very nice! Little valley with the switchbacks in and out had the best snow on the trail. The bridge crossing is kind of fragile. It’s a spine of old snow with powder on top that you have to inch across without poles to maintain its integrity. Lots of branches down, especially on overland; did my share of trail work. What a blast! Got some decent pictures to share if that’s possible.


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