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Trail Reports

This page contains the most recent grooming and trail information. Please post your trail reports in the “Leave A Reply” section below. Include important observations about new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers.

1/27/17- AJD
Tentatively planning to roll and set classic tracks on Lewis, Housington, and Arab Hill roads tomorrow AM.

1/28/17- AJD
15″ new snow when I arrived @9. Packed and tracked Lewis, Housington, and Arab Hill roads hoping to preserve base. Lewis blew in faster than I could pack. Housington and Arab Hill tracks were about 80% in tack at end of day; snowmobiles chewed up the other 20%. Snowmobile groomers and additional snow tonight may doom the remainder of tracks, tho Housington tracks might be missed by groomers.

Had a great ski in the afternoon. It appears only 2-4 sleds were on the BHSF roads today, so traffic was low. Snowmobile trails remain closed but state forest roads are open to sleds. If snowmobile groomers make a pass on roads tonight, it might be good skate conditions tomorrow.

1/29/17- AJD
Have been advised snowmobile trails are open. Use caution.
Update: Roads have 7″ new snow on top of snowmobile groomer packed base. Lots of sleds.


2/5/17- AJD
All trails have been rolled except the Overland Trail. 3′ of new snow proved too much for our sled on Friday, so Clyde Rogers packed the trails (again) on Saturday. Sorry, no classic tracks have been set.

2/10/17pm- AJD
Bill reports that our trails have an icy base covered by 4″ of snow. Wet spots persist but are easily avoidable. The touring crowd might find the trip worthwhile. Probably classic skis with metal edges and sharp poles are in order.

No report for the forest roads. Snowmobile trails are closed so snowmobile traffic, if any, will probably be light. I expect there is base on the roads and they drain much better than our trails, so the base may not be as icy and they might work for classic or skate. There will be thin spots including near Cook Rd, so don’t use your “A” skis.

3/14/17pm- AJD
Attempted to pack Arab Hill Rd but snow was too deep and sled didn’t run well (fouled plugs). Won’t be able to try again for several days. Back country conditions on roads and trails.

Update: Snowmobile trails are opening. Use caution!

8 thoughts on “Trail Reports

  1. Marty Sanden

    Marty Sanden

    3/17/2017 – Brief, great ski starting 10:30 a.m. (Should have started by 9 a.m.) My car parked alone in Ruttenbur lot. Overland trail lay dormant. Therefore I skied the right-most snowmobile trail parallel to Ruttenbur eastward though to overlooking the blue silo near Town’s Corner. Two snowmobiles had preceded me, packing cold, powdery snow. However by 11:10 the snow had begun to soften, causing minor sticking. After 1 Hr 10 Min, I departed rather than put on my snow shoes.


  2. Paul Corrigan

    Skate-skied the snowmobile trails today (Feb. 7, 2017) off Ruttenbur road and had the trails to myself. A sneaking suspicion the rain had something to do with it! Lots of cover on the trails. I’m visiting the Buffalo area from the state of Maine and staying in East Amherst for the winter. Will be doing some ski instructing at Byrncliff in the upcoming weeks. So nice to know there are high places like Boutwell Hill that have the potential to get a lot of snow!


  3. Ed Gray

    Yesterday (Feb 6) was my first time xc-skiing the Boutwell trail system. We hail from the Erie area. My wife and I joined three other newbies and had a blast! We did all the loops plus a little out-and-back on the Overland trail. Set tracks would’ve been the icing on the cake but I’m not complaining; we were prepared with wide boards! Thanks to all who put the effort into maintaining the trails. Keep me in the loop on future trail work days, please.


  4. Chris and Rebecca

    We skied the Overland Trail from Ruttenbur and there were strictly cross country tracks set down and the trail was packed well by others. A few wet spots but you can get around them. Skied to the discovery loop where it was again packed down nicely. Probably about 5 wet spots on the loop but easy to get around them. There were ski tracks that went to the blue connector trail but we continued around the discovery loop where we had to blaze the trail. Returned down the Overland to Ruttenbur. Conditions were excellent!


  5. J Jordan

    Non-motor-ized trails have been packed by snowshoes. Thanks. Wet spots starting to freeze in. Nice day and the snow is still coming down.


  6. Mike

    I submitted a request to Apple Maps to have “Boutwell Hill Cross Country Ski Area” added as a searchable location for driving directions. The pin is located at the parking area near the intersection of Ruttenbur Rd & Lewis Rd. I’ll post an update if I’m informed it’s been added.


  7. Fred and Teresa Bretl

    1/6/17-TB… 6″-8″ of new snow. Parking lot in need of plowing. OT trail had many wet areas. Snow shoeing and skiing
    late afternoon on OT only.


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