Here is some important trail and safety information:

Boutwell Hill receives considerable Lake-effect snow each winter. Caution is advised if you are unfamiliar with the area and you plan to ski during a snow event.

Skiers are encouraged to use the Ruttenbur parking area for trail access:
42°20’53.1″N 79°11’55.0″W See Maps page for google and trail maps.

The town and county roads leading to it are usually well plowed. 4WD or front-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires are recommended.

The Ruttenbur Parking area may not be plowed until after a given snow event. In addition, there are usually many vehicles in the lot and snowmobiles passing through. Use caution.

There are no amenities on the trail system or at the Ruttenbur parking area.

Trail maps are in a clear acrylic holder at the Overland Trail head, Arab Hill gate and Homestead Trail head.

Due to limited personnel and financial resources, as well as the high volume of lake-effect snow, BHSC make not be able to groom the trails during or immediately after snow events and back-country conditions may exist.

The nearest gas stations or stores are several miles away in the villages of Sinclairville and Cassadaga- provision accordingly.

Trails are not monitored by ski patrol. Use caution at all times and always ski with another skier.

SKI WITH A CELL PHONE. Cellular services is spotty around the trail system. Text messages are be able to make it out of the trail system in most places.

Trail signage is limited. Grooming usually gives skiers an understanding of trail location. In heavy snow it is easy to get lost.

Sunrise Trail (out and back) is approximately 1.5 mile long has some steep grades; it should not be attempted by novice skiers.

At night, wear bright reflective clothing on all trails.

At night on multi-use roads and trails, a headlamp alone is not sufficient to make you visible to snowmobilers. Keep your head up, listen for sleds and yield to them when they approach.the multi-purpose trail leading due east from Ruttenbur parking area. It is shared by snowmobilers, there are many blind spots and there are also some large wet areas. Finally, the turn-off from this trail to our ski trails is not well marked and back-country conditions will likely exist until you connect to the Discovery Loop. Only skiers who are very familiar with the trail system should use it. All other skiers are advised to use the Overland Trail from the Ruttenbur parking lot to access the trail system.

Please sign in at the Ruttenbur trail head! It is important to demonstrate trail usage to justify future investment in trail improvements by the DEC and County.