Grooming & Trail Reports

Grooming reports and skier comments below. Please post your trail report in the LEAVE A REPLY section below and include new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers. Thanks!

Mar 7, 2020- AJD
Great xc on BH roads!

Trails not so good for xc but snowshoeing and fat bike will work great.

Feb l2,2020- AJD
Still waiting on repair estimate for sled. Apologies for the delay.

Feb 9, 2020- AJD
Thank you Jordan Forest Product Services and Jason Jordan for returning to the trails today to groom Homestead with same result as yesterday’s pics below. Here’s his report:

Homestead is done. Tree down close to where the loop comes together. To the right. A chainsaw will be needed. I was able to get around, but the snowmobile will not.

Feb 8, 2020- AJD
Initial grooming attempt early today damaged sled. Jason Jordan to the rescue! He made passes on OT, Discovery and Sunrise. Homestead may follow tomorrow.



Jan 29, 2020- AJD
Packed all trails with sled and implement in video below. Overland Trail from Ruttenbur has many wet spots that can be avoided. All other trails have a few avoidable wet spots. Dogs will love the trails!

No set tracks. Good touring conditions. Warming spell for next 7 days means no more grooming until next snow. Maybe February will give us a long cold spell?

Jan 26, 2020- AJD
A little snow today, more tonight and tomorrow. Sled is ready. We may pack/track tomorrow evening. Looks like we my have a week of mild winter weather to enjoy the trails.

Jan 20, 2020- AJD
Additional packing did not take place today- sled needs new battery. Unlikely additional trial work will take place before warm spell later this week.

Jan 19, 2020- AJD

Packed all trails today. More packing tomorrow. No set tracks yet but 10″ base after packing. Maybe 3 wet spots system wide. Well worth a ski NOW. Hopefully base will last through the warm-up coming next weekend. Cherry Creek Sno-Goers were grooming their trials and forest roads. Lots of turkeys flying between tree tops on Homestead.

Today’s grooming

Jan 12, 2020- AJD
Scouted OT and Discovery today for blow downs (none). Don’t know about Homestead or Sunrise. Drained wet spots, diverted running water off both trails and adjusted some old corduroy.

Small waterbar on Discovery will dry trail before next snow.

Trails are wet but did not get as much rain as forecast. 6 – 30 day temperature forecast is cold. Trails will have a several days to drain. High winds will help chill the ground but might bring down some trees. When the snow arrives again in a few days we may be able to set a decent base and freeze wet spots. Then tracks.

December 21, 2019- AJD
Moving equipment to the hill today. Hope to circuit the whole trail system to clear downed trees and pack base.

Update: Rolled Ov Trail and Discovery. Sled packed 2X on Sunrise and Homestead, removed 3 trees. Lots of wet spots, most can be missed, not pretty but lots of great skiing.

Predicted warm up doesn’t include rain, base might survive thaw.

1 thought on “Grooming & Trail Reports

  1. mike

    jan 23.. our first trip to boutwell. started on horse trail and picked up discovery. horse trail a little thin in spots, discovery and o.t. fine. very enjoyable outing.. thank you


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