Trail Reports

Grooming reports and skier comments below. Please include new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers.

Jan 26, 2019- AD

All trails packed and tracked. Base held up thru rain but trails need leveling. WE ARE STILL HANDICAPPED WITHOUT SLED STAGING AREA NEAR TRAILS. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ARRANGE A LOCATION WILL BE WIN A FREE SEASON PASS. Leveling drag may be brought to the trails before Tues dump.

Jan 25, 2019- AD
About 8″ new snow on top of hard base at trailhead today at 4pm. Goal is to pack and track Sat by noon. Might be very good trail conditions tomorrow afternoon!


Jan 22, 2019- AD
Packed base today ahead of tomorrow’s rain: 2 machines, 4 volunteers. 2 passes with each groomer on each trail. Great base, NO WET SPOTS (even on OT!), no set tracks. A little too squishy for skate? Base should withstand the rain and recover.

Jan 18, 2019- AD
Expect to groom on Tues following storm. Use caution if skiing Sun or Mon in extreme cold.

January 15, 2019- AD
Lots of snow on the way. Next groom undecided. Sled storage on BH is not finalized and trailering requires additional time and work, but in the next few days we’ll be out.

January 13, 2019- AD
Base is packed on all trails. All trails had 3 passes, 2 with Jason Jordan’s ATV and drag, and 3rd pass with sled and roller. Most of the worst wet spots are frozen over and covered, but a few remain. 99.9 % of trail is frozen and packed. Cold weather is forecast for the next 2-3 weeks. No tracks set, maybe before the weekend.

A large tree is down on Sunrise and will be removed on the next week.


Feb 18, 2019
Excellent base remains. 6″ new. Great touring. One wet spot on OT, Discovery dry. May try to roll and level in next 24 hours.


All trails rolled, a couple wet spots remain but good base overall. Trails are bumpy due to thaws. Leveling is needed but timing uncertain.

Feb 19, 2019
Trails much improved today with leveling/renovating implement. Still more renovating needed but ran out of time.

Feb 20, 2019
Good coverage on Arab Hill and Housington, as well as xc trails.

Mar 1, 2019
Trails packed 2/26. Additional 8″ may get packed today. No set tracks. Good base around trail system, albeit undulating in places.

Mar 8, 2019
Bill’s grooming report from this afternoon:

I packed Overland 3X, Discovery 2 1/2X and Homestead 1/2 X. Had a difficult time on Homestead as the snow was heavy and 8″ deep. Got stuck bad one time, trouble getting sled to start etc. Was glad to get out of there. So I didn’t use the roller and didn’t pack Sunrise otherwise the sled is back at the barn. Met Ed Gray from Erie on trail. Has been on Boutwell 3 or 4 X recently. Said “thanks for what we do.”


3 thoughts on “Trail Reports

  1. MIKE W.

    This was my first time skiing the Boutwell ski trails. Skied all three trails Monday Jan. 14th with no-wax touring skis. More ice than expected but still a great morning of skiing can’t wait for more snow and set tracks.


  2. Paul Corrigan

    Thanks for the snow report! I skied classic on Hosington Road yesterday (12/25/18) and it was good — 3-4 inches of new snow covered up the crust nicely!


  3. Paul Corrigan

    Could I possibly have seen a short video clip of a cross country skier skiing at Boutwell Hill State Forest dated today (December 24, 2018)?


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