Trail Reports

Grooming reports and skier comments below. Please post your trail report in the LEAVE A REPLY section below and include new snowfall, trail conditions, downed trees or anything that will be helpful to other skiers and groomers. Thanks!

Dec 25
Kevin circuited some trails today to start packing base, not much new snow after the rain. Snow tonight and more packing tomorrow. Some way spots and backcountry conditions.

Dec 26
All trails circuited and packed. There are still some wet spots but base is taking shape. Good touring conditions for XC, snowshoe or fat bike.

Dec 27
Early season conditions. Discovery very wet at lower end. Sunrise and Homestead very do-able. Dogs will love it. Forest roads groomed but snowmobile floodgates opened at noon.

Jan 8
Kevin reports fair conditions on Overland Trail and good touring conditions on Discovery and Homestead trails. No report for Sunrise.

I skated on Arab Hill, Housington and Lewis Roads. Good coverage, snowmobile and car tracks but no deep ruts and very skiable conditions. Might use the rock skis tho, as base is thin. Good base along shoulders of roads for classic skiers, fast on hills.

Jan 9
Beautiful morning on BH. Skied classic on a little bit of our trail system but mostly on roads. The portion of Discovery I skied was icy with only a ribbon of snow in some places. I would rate our trails as only fair. Your dog will love it. It looks like the ground is frozen and will hold new snow if/when it arrives and we can groom.

Roads are covered, fast, granular surface and worth a ski in my opinion.


Jan 17
Lake effect snow to continue into Tues. We will be packing base tomorrow (Mon).

Jan 18
8″ new snow since yesterday as of 4pm. All trails packed with multiple circuits. More packing and leveling still needed but base is taking shape. More lake effect predicted in coming days. Things are looking up!

Jan 22
Trails rolled yesterday and today. Hoping to set tracks tomorrow AM if the stars line up. Maybe…maybe the best trail conditions in years- maybe! Will be snowmobile/parking insanity in Ruttenbur lot tomorrow- use caution.

Jan 23
Best laid plans… encountered too much new snow on arrival at 9AM- 8″+ and didn’t get tracks set… but boy do we have base! All trails circuited and packed. Bill and Tina may groom again tomorrow (Sun). Get out and ski!

Jan 24
Light snow Sat night. Trails were rolled this afternoon, no tracks set yet.

Jan 29
3″ new snow at 6pm. Kevin will be grooming, maybe setting tracks, Sat morning. Good base on all trails. Temp forecast looks great. Enjoy the trails!

Jan 30
All trails rolled and tracked this morning. Than all trails except Homestead were renovated and tracked late afternoon. Very good conditions.


Feb 5
Trails renovated this AM. Hope to set tracks Sat AM. Trails in great shape.

Feb 6

Tracks set on all trails this AM.

There was a snowmobile trespass on OT, Discovery and Sunrise. Anyone with information please email BHSC off website at

Feb 7
All trails except Homestead renovated and tracked, never been better conditions!


Feb 20
All trails groomed and tracked- ENJOY!




Mar 6
No grooming but trails have a packed powder surface. I skated trails and roads and had a great ski. Worth a visit if you have cabin fever.

7 thoughts on “Trail Reports

  1. Bill Scherman

    All trails have been groomed and tracked as of this Friday. Enjoy a great weekend of skiing. The hole in the Homestead bridge has been repaired.


  2. mike anderson

    feb 10, 2: 45 p.m. .. skied homestead loop with trail broke by earlier skiers. 6 inches powder. absolutely fantastic. thank you bhsc!


  3. Ed Gray

    Our group skied the Boutwell trails on Monday the 25th. All trails were rolled and very nice for wider skis. After Homestead we started up the Overland trail but quit before the top due to…ahem…lack of enthusiasm for the task by some! Yesterday the 27th I headed back solo with my BC70’s and broke trail through the Overland to beyond the last pond, just before Boutwell Hill Rd. Time constraints forced me to turn around but I did at least verify that there is a snow bridge to get over the pond’s outflow. It was a slog at the beginning, pounding uphill through deep, semi-transformed snow. Also, the little valley with the long bridge at the bottom was a challenge (and a workout!) to navigate. I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who is not an avid skier. Part of the handrail is gone and it appears perhaps a board or two are missing but that’s hard to verify with a couple feet of snow on top. Gotta love Boutwell Hill State Forest!


  4. Mike Weaver

    Skied from Ruttenburg Road parking lot and did Sunrise trial. Well packed base and another 6” to 8” of new snow on top. No water issues today. When I left at 11:30 the parking lot was plowed.

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  5. Katie

    Skied Homestead loop just after trail was groomed. Thanks Andy! About 10 inches but still some wet spots there and Overland trail. Lewis and Ruttenburg parking lot was not plowed as of 3pm Sat. But otherwise, a great first ski for me. And quiet! No snowmobiles out yet.


  6. Bill Scherman

    Tina and I skied the Overland and Discovery trails this afternoon. There was four inches of snow on the Overland with rough patches and some rut left from the County’s crew when they payed down new base. There is also a small 8” stream crossing the trail after the first bridge. Overall the trail is greatly improved with no ponds. The Discovery trail has numerous wet spots going down hill but improved going uphill with fewer wet areas. It was a beautiful day and the snow was fast just need more snow to make the trails great


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