Boutwell Hill Ski Club, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, charitable, all-volunteer organization which maintains DEC multi-use, non-motorized trails in the Boutwell Hill State Forest that are free and open to the public.

Friday, March 10. We received 5 inches  of snow on last Tuesday. Not much to ski on BUT today we are getting the predicted snow storm and it’s giving everyone one more chance to ski Boutwell Hill. As of 2pm today Keven has been grooming the trails with at least 9 inces of fresh snow on the ground. Looks as if it will continue into the night as predicted and Keven will be out tomorrow to groom again. Got to love that guy!  The forecast for next week looks good for all us skiers so put that lawnmower away for now and go out and ski the beautiful snow covered forest on Boutwell Hill.

Our social event on February 4th was a lot of fun with new faces and good skiing. Today is February 18th and conditions have gone from a complete lack of snow to 5 inches of accumulation since yesterday. Needless to say the coverage is very thin and major wet spots are everywhere. But winter is not over yet so who knows for sure if there is still some skiing yet to come. Remember you live in Western New York.


Tomorrow is the BHSC second annual XC SKI get together event to be held on the Easy Street Trail at 1PM. Join in the festivities for some great skiing and and free food courtesy of your Board Members. Anyone with questions can call Bill at 716-720-2473. See you there!

Tuesday, 1-31  I used the groomer this afternoon to pack down the 4 – 5″ of fresh snow on the Overrland and the west side of Discovery.All trails except Overland are in very good condition. Talked to Matt from, Fredonia I met skiing back from Homestead Trail who said it was so good that it really didn’t need grooming. Thanks Matt. Also talked to Tiffany who was on Overland skiing with her dog enjoying the afternoon. Also Lewis Road has heavy snow coverage but is a bit bumpy from the snowmobiles this past weekend.This week is the best weather so far this season. Don’t forget to come to the XC Ski party this Saturday at 1PM on Easy Street.

Sunday, 1-29  With rain overnight trails aren’t in the best shape. Probably best to skip Overland and ski Easy Street. If the snowmobile trail from the parking lot looks good then you have a chance to get to Discovery and beyond. Watch for heavy snowmobile traffic.

Saturday, 1-28-23. Just finished skiing Boutwell Trails before Noon and conditions are really great with lots of glide. was a dusting of snow overnight also. Only 5 people signed in this morning. Don’t miss out!

Friday night 1-27. Just finished up a hot bowl of soup and cup of tea aftrer spending three and a half hours on Boutwell Hill ski trails. First we checked all the trails for fallen trees and branches and took note of the wet spots which of course were mainly on Overland.Then for the FirstTime this season we proceeded to groom the trails. There were a few times when the roller iced up and would not roll until the ice packed on it was removed but the trails look really good for tomorrow. We only groomed the west side of Discovery since the east side had too many wet spots but from the west side you can ski the Connector to the snowmobile trail and back to the Parking Lot. A word to the wise is that all the snowmobile trails are open tomorrow so the parking lot could be busy. Hope to see many of you out skiing tomorrow.

Friday, 1-27-23.  There is over a foot of snow on Boutwell so Kevin and I will be there this afternoon to attempt to groom the trails after inspecting trail conditions.

Winter is certainly not over yet so mark your calendars for the first two Saturdays in  February (the fourth and the eleventh) because one of those days will be chosen for our Second Annual Social Gathering of Cross Country Skiers on Boutwell Hill. This fun event will start at 1PM and offer food and refreshments to all skiers. Bring your friends and family as we will be meeting again on Easy Street. Meanwhile your Board members are currently working on a deal with the Snow Gods for Great Conditions.

Jan 20,2023  Took a ride up to Boutwell and though it looks like winter up there  the ground has only 4 inches of snow. There are abundant wet spots  on the Overland that can’t be avoided, Easy Street has fair conditions and the snowmobile trail looks good but it also has large wet areas. There were ski tracks headed up Overland from some intrepid sole. Tomorrow afternoon some snow is predicted but everyone will be watching the Bill’s game. GO Buffalo!

Jan. 15.2023   It was a beautiful day to ski the Overland Trail but Discovery was wet and should be avoided. Thanks Alice for the report.E7876E5D-FD5A-46A4-9999-1C143DF1EED0

Stay tuned for upcoming events!


It’s only through your donations that the all volunteer club can continue to provide grooming and trail maintenance all winter for your x/c skiing pleasure.

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Trails maintained by BHSC on behalf of the DEC are multi-use, non-motorized and open to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, etc. Located on the “Chautauqua Ridge,” lake-effect snow capital of WNY, the five miles of non-motorized trails we groom, as well as adjoining multi-use town and forest roads groomed by the Cherry Creek Sno-Goers snowmobile club and back country trails galore, make up an amazing winter playground that is free and open to the public.