BHSC is a group of volunteer skiers and donors developing a groomed X-C trail system in the Boutwell Hill State Forest on Chautauqua Ridge, lake-effect snow capital of WNY. The 5 miles of non-motorized trails we groom, as well as adjoining multi-use town and forest roads groomed by the Cherry Creek Sno-Goers snowmobile club, make up a 10-mile trail system that is free and open to the public. There’s also lots of un-groomed back-country trails- join us!

Boutwell Hill Ski Club Granted Tax-Exempt Status!

Cherry Creek NY The Boutwell Hill Ski Club is excited to announce it has been awarded it tax exempt status by the IRS. The determination letter arrived November 30th as the group is preparing for its fourth season of promoting cross-country skiing. The group celebrated the milestone at its open house at the Trillium Lodge on December 1.

Tax-exempt status will allow donors of BHSC to deduct their contributions. It will also allow the organization to seek grant funding.

BHSC holds a volunteer stewardship agreement with the DEC to develop and groom cross-country ski trails in the Boutwell Hill State Forest. The 5-mile trail system it maintains is free and open to the public. BHSC relies entirely on volunteers to maintain its trail system.

“This is a mountaintop for BHSC,” said Bill Scherman, co-founder. “The financial pieces of the puzzle are coming together.”

The group was formed in the Fall of 2015 by a few cross-country enthusiasts from north and south-county. As it enters it’s fourth ski season of grooming, it has about 50 donors and volunteers.

“There are many generous cross-country skiing enthusiasts and volunteers who have made this all possible,” said Andy Dickson, co-founder. “We have local donors, as well as from Erie PA, Buffalo and Ontario Canada. Our largest donor is a Buffalo resident working in Poland who has never seen our trails!”

The Boutwell Hill trail system is located on the Chautauqua Ridge in the Town of Charlotte and receives tremendous amounts of “lake-effect” snow. This makes the Boutwell Hill State Forest an ideal location for the ski trail system.

For the second year in a row, the group held an informal ski swap and open house. At this year’s event at the Trillium Lodge in Cherry Creek the group was able to outfit new skiers with skis, bindings and poles with equipment at little or no cost.

“We are more interested in growing the number of people on our trails than making money selling the equipment,” said Scherman. “We tell the new skiers to send us a donation if they enjoy the sport.”

Volunteers are needed for grooming operations, trail development, ski patrol, events & social functions and communications. Visit for more BHSC information, maps and trail conditions.

Visit the Trail Report page for grooming and trail condition updates!

Thank you to our 2018-19 supporters. Please consider a financial contribution today!

Andrew & Matt Dorn
Richard Johnson
Stephen Cobb*
James Wilmoth
Marcia De La Cerda*
Chris Rammacher & Rebecca VanKeuren*
Richard & Marjorie Weist*
Steve Abdella
Larry Scherer
Chris Smith
Mike Swensen & Nancy Feenstra
Maureen Anderson
Mike Matthews
Cynthia Flaherty*
Brad & Wendy Schottin*
Richard & Susan Ketcham
Richard Kendall

*4-year legacy donors!

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Recent in-kind contributions:
Dave Higgs – Slab wood
Kevin Kind – ATV
Mark Alessi- Electrical wizzardry
Jordan Forest Product Services, Inc.- ATV Grooming

BHSC survives on volunteerism and contributions. Please step up!

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