BHSC is a group of volunteer skiers and donors developing a groomed X-C trail system in the Boutwell Hill State Forest on Chautauqua Ridge, lake-effect snow capital of WNY. The 5 miles of non-motorized trails we groom, as well as adjoining multi-use town and forest roads groomed by the Cherry Creek Sno-Goers snowmobile club, make up a 10-mile trail system that is free and open to the public. There’s also lots of un-groomed back-country trails- join us!


$1,450 Raised for Equipment Repairs and Replacements!

Many thanks to the generous donors who put $1,450 into our equipment fund bringing the total up to over $2,000. The future of XC on the Chautauqua Ridge is more secure because of the generosity of these individuals:

Richard Kendall
Steve Cobb
Katie Finch
Timothy Frerichs
Lisa Waite
Mike Weaver
John Taylor
Chris Rammacher
Peter Radka
Andrew W. Dorn, Jr.
Rick Johnson
Rebecca Vankeuren
Rick & Susan Ketcham
Ruth Lundin & Paul Hedberg
Jeff Brockelbank
Larry Scherer
Liz Dorman
Mike Swensen
Joe Bender
Bill Scherman
Kevin Kind
Teresa Bretl
Andy Dickson

Thank you to our 2018-19 operating support donors.

Andrew & Matt Dorn
Richard Johnson
Stephen Cobb*
James Wilmoth
Marcia De La Cerda*
Chris Rammacher & Rebecca VanKeuren*
Richard & Marjorie Weist*
Steve Abdella
Larry Scherer
Chris Smith
Mike Swensen & Nancy Feenstra
Maureen Anderson
Mike Matthews
Cynthia Flaherty*
Brad & Wendy Schottin*
Richard & Susan Ketcham
Richard Kendall
John & Shelly Taylor
Mary & Bill Hopple

*4-year legacy donors!

Please forward your BHSC contribution today!

Recent in-kind contributions:
Dave Higgs – Slab wood
Kevin Kind – ATV
Mark Alessi- Electrical wizzardry
Jordan Forest Product Services, Inc.- ATV Grooming

BHSC survives on volunteerism and contributions. Please step up!

Email BHSC using the form below:

Boutwell Hill Ski Club
P.O. Box 63
Lakewood, NY 14750